Passing it down to the next generation

One of the creators of this blogsite is my fiancee, Terrie. She has two teenage sons to whom she has given money (and other gifts) creatively for years. You can see pictures of the boys in earlier blog posts.

Well, the boys are older now (19 and 17) and, sure enough, they’re taking after their mother in creative gift-giving. I experienced it for myself this Christmas.

Terrie’s older son handed me a gift bag on Christmas morning. I sifted down through the gift paper and found a pair of running shoes. At first I thought they were new, but I quickly changed my mind as I turned one over and saw the worn and dirty sole.

OK, now I realized I was being given a gift in the “family tradition” of creative gift giving. At the bottom of the bag beneath the shoes was a piece of paper I had written out previously and given to Terrie with two books I said I would love to receive for Christmas. Well, how could a list with two books on it be my gift?

Well you see, I had already received a Kindle ebook reader from Terrie for Christmas. On the piece of paper with the two books written on it, I now noticed my email address. Turns out I had been sent two emails with links to to download the two books I wanted. YES!!

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Sending gifts to the grandkids in Alaska

We had some friends (Rick and Gail) over recently who told us about their experience sending gifts to their grandkids in Alaska (they live in southern Michigan).

Rick was describing a phone conversation he had recently with one of his grandsons, where they were discussing what the young man (I think he is seven years old) wanted for Christmas:

Rick: What would you like us to send you for Christmas?

Grandson: I don’t know.

Rick: Are you sure there isn’t something you want that we can get for you?

Grandson: Well….(pause)…I don’t know.

Rick: Would you like us to send you money so you can pick out what you want yourself?


So the moral to the story that Rick was illustrating is that their grandkids now all wanted money for gifts, so they could choose and buy exactly what they wanted–whether for Christmas, birthday, whatever.

Of course, we took the opportunity to tell Rick and Gail about this blog, and we encouraged them to use creative ways to “package” the money to make it more fun for their grandkids when they received and unwrapped the hard cash (or even a check).

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Have you heard of

Here’s a gift website that will definitely expand your gift-giving horizons:

At first it looks just like many other online shopping sites, with all the ‘usual suspects’ for categories, such as Home & Garden, Dining & Entertainment, Office, Leisure, etc. but this site stands out in several areas:

The site offers both recycled and handmade gifts in all of its gift categories. For example, under Home & Garden/Lighting, I found a lamp made from recycled croquet mallets and balls. I would call that unique! And earth friendly, too.

Another neat feature of is the way you can filter your searches for gifts. For example, you can look at gifts in any category by whether the gift is for a Father or a Couple. You can also filter by the occasion you are buying for, such as a Birthday or a Housewarming. Finally, you can filter by price range (e.g. Under $25, $25-50).

I’m going to try shopping here for a gift for my special someone. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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Cash, cash, cash – Heywood Banks on the Bob & Tom Show

“Nothing says Merry Christmas like cash, cash, cash…”

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Thanks to SuperFoodoo on YouTube for sharing this video.

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A desk-top sandbox to relieve office stress

Now this is unique!

I have seen Zen sandboxes before. In fact, I had one myself. And I did rake the sand from time to time.

This is a bit different, in that it includes a beach umbrella, beach chair and so forth to prompt the imagination and put you right there on the beach–while you are actually sitting in your office or cubicle at work!

If you are interested in giving this sandbox as a gift, go to Be Good Executive Sandbox – Mini (Beach Break)

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Cold hard cash

Opening gift

Hmmm....what is this?!!

Does the title give you a clue on this money gifting idea? Think about it for a moment…yep, that’s right, freezing money. It’s not as straight forward as it sounds though. You can’t just put money in a container, add water and then freeze. Well, you could, but it isn’t as effective as layering it. When you layer it, all the money isn’t readily seen and they have to wait until the full block melts before getting to it (unless they are like my son who couldn’t wait so broke it up and gave the ice to the dog!). Besides, if you just throw it all in together the money settles to the bottom or floats to the top. Layering it does take a bit longer in prepping, but it is still simple.

Cold hard cash

Wow, I can't believe she did how am I going to get my money out of here?!!

Here are the steps for creating your own gift of cold hard cash:

1. Before you begin, it is a good idea to have the money broken down into smaller bills and/or coins.

2. Get a water proof, freezer safe container. We used a Tupperware container that was freezer safe. You could use a cookie tin, plastic butter or cool whip container, large mason jar; look around your house and see what you can come up with.

3. Next, put a layer of water in the bottom of your container and put it in the freezer—don’t put any money in yet.

4. Once that is frozen then add some of the cash, if bills lay them out separately, or roll them up.

5. Add some more water to cover the cash. Freeze again.

6. Continue with this process until the container is filled and all the money has been added.

Cold hard cash ice dog

I know. I'll break the ice on the deck and let the dog have that part.

Be ready to take their picture when they open your gift. The puzzled looks are priceless!

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101 ways to gift money and other unique gift ideas

Gift Card with Money

Money in a card, not the most exciting gift.

On this blog we will be sharing ways to turn a boring gift (money in card) into a fun and creative gift. Over the years we have come up with some very creative ways to gift money. Not only does the recipient get a gift they want, but everyone watching will be entertained. Some ideas can be created using things you will find at home. Other ideas can be paired with a minor prop found at a store or website to give money ‘in’. Either way, you are sure to give a gift that will be remembered. My sons, niece and nephew still remember all the different ways their aunt and I have given them money.

If you have a creative way you have gifted money, please let us know. We are always looking for more ways to surprise them!

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